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The content of antioxidants - Phenolic compounds, in red wines of Georgia “Kindzmarauli” and “Saperavi”

Kekelidze N, Kekelidze T, Akhalbedashvili L, Maisuradze G, Kvirkvelia B, Tsotadze G, Mskhiladze A, Lipartiani V and Jalaghania S

The aim of the study was to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of phenolic compounds (PC) in different parts of grape Sapheravi (stem, skin, pulp, and seed) and in wines, obtained by Kakhetian and European methods using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The red wines Kindzmarauli and Saperavi contain the following PC: chlorogenic acid, caffeic, vanillic, lilac, wax acids, lilac aldehyde, quercetin- 3-β- D-glucoside, vanillin, catechins, myricetin, quercetin, resveratrol, kempferol. Gallic, ferulic and p-coumaric acids were not found. The total content of PC in skin extracts and wine were lower than in seed and stem more than in ten times, more part of PC in stems and seeds are phenolic acids, and a less quantity of flavonoids. The content of resveratrol in studied wines changes from 7.9 to 18.6 mg/L, and is equal 200.3 mg/L for stem of Saperavi grape, 338 mg/L in skin grape and 273 in seeds. A smaller number of catechins in wine, obtained by Kakhetian method in comparison with European one, indicate on more intensive oxidation process in Qvevri.

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