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Sulfur doped binary layered metal oxides integrated on activated carbon derived from pomegranate peel for heavy metal ion removal

Robert Brook*

In this study, a unique biomass adsorbent based on activated carbon was combined with sulfur based binary metal oxides layered nanoparticles, including Sulphur (S2), Manganese (Mn), and Tin (Sn) oxide. Utilizing FTIR, FESEM, EDX, and BET, the freshly synthesised SML-AC was examined to ascertain its functional groups, surface shape, and elemental makeup. In order to properly perform the BET, the particular surface areas for raw AC (356 m2 g1) and modified AC-SML (195 m2 g1) were used. The proposed nanocomposite was employed as an effective adsorbent to remove Lead (Pb2+), Cadmium (Cd2+), Chromium (Cr3+), and Vanadium (V5+) from oil rich locations to prepare water samples for ICP-OES analysis.

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