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Safety evaluation of gluten-free diet-related foods and beverages

Kevin Joseph

People with food allergies and celiac disease may be at risk from naturally gluten-free foods and processed goods that don't disclose whether or not they may contain gluten. The majority of patients who need to adhere to a rigorous gluten-free diet don't. Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the gluten protein level of naturally and verified "gluten-free" items that are not labelled with the warning "may contain gluten." The study was conducted using the enzyme immunoassay Agra Quant Gluten G12 ELISA test kit. The total goods used in the study had gluten levels over. Only one "gluten-free" product had gluten contamination (cider cake). In addition, our study looked at the gluten level of commercial beers made with barley malt but not those with the "gluten-free" label. According to research, of samples are unsafe for people following a rigorous gluten-free diet. Our study unequivocally demonstrates that many manufacturers produce safe items, despite they cannot be advised on a gluten-free diet, even though they do not check their products for the presence of gluten. Therefore, it is imperative that food producers test their goods more often for the presence of gluten so that there are more items available for those following a gluten-free diet.

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