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Production and functional characterization of food compatible biosurfactants

Sanchita Khanna, Pritisnigdha Pattnaik

As food industries contribute the most in ascending the socio-economic status of the nation, it is mandatory as well as a necessity to uplift and maintain the food industry. But the major problem faced is spoiling of food which possibly will lead to reduced availability of food. Though, multiple precautions are being taken to reduce the loss due to spoilage, such as using chemical based preservatives, treatment with antimicrobial formulations, low temperature treatment. But they are accompanied with some disadvantages too, like increase in cost of the product, side effects, high maintenance, increase blood pressure etc. Hence, the potential solution for the food spoilage can be the use of biosurfactants, which are derived from edible food products (mainly focusing on food products containing Lactobacillus, and further it can be checked to exhibit the antimicrobial potential, due to which it can efficiently be used in food preservation, thereby proving as a bane to the food industry. Therefore, various tests for toxicity can also be implemented to check any toxic effects, if caused by the obtained biosurfactants. Thus, a negative toxicity test will render the biosurfactant for consumption.

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