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Preliminary In-vivo study on rats to enhance recognizing the use of Anacyclus clavatus as traditional diet by the local population from Tizi-Ouzou

Benahmed Djilali Adiba, Issad Mourad, Benali Yasmine, Besombes Colette, Benseddik Abdelouahab, Boulahlib Mohamed, Boukhenfra Abdelmalek, Ahmed Said Amel, Medjber Lynda, Allaf Karim

This study aimed at evaluating some biochemical and pharmacological properties of the aerial parts (stems and leaf) powder of Anacyclus clavatus conventionally used by the local population of Tizi-Ouzou (northern Algeria). 18 male Albino-Wistar rats were assigned to three equal groups: Control, those inflamed with black pepper solution and treated with the aerial parts water extract powder of A. clavatus, and those treated with the aerial parts water extract of A. clavatus. Thus, the assessments of some physicochemical and functional characteristics of tablets have been studied in three different ways imitating certain physiological conditions by applying the same methods as those used in the pharmaceutical industry. Feeding rats with 10 g/kg body weight with the aerial parts water extract for 2-4 weeks shows a significant reduction in blood glucose levels, prevents elevation of lipid serum level and gastric inflammation, as well as the protection against body weight loss. The plant reveals the presence of multiple inflammatory cells in the liver and the lungs. The analysis results presented important chemical constituents such as (Na, Mg, Fe, and cu), bioactive substances (polyphenols, flavonids, tannins), and richness in essential fatty acids. The greatest swelling yield of tablets has been observed in distilled water and phosphate buffer pH 6.8 (100, 99%), without erosion. The grain size ranging from 275 to 316 μm offers very interesting properties in terms of compacting, handling, and speed releasing in different mediums. This approach encourages the use of the powder for health applications by optimizing the dose with a therapeutic effect.

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