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Healing Power of Food

Deepta Nagpal

Food is memory. Food is love. Food is healing. Food is emotions. Food is therapeutic. But food is also something we have become scared of these days. We have started equating food with calories and stopped seeing it as something that nourishes us. Food can be a powerful tool if planned wisely. The healing powers of food are well recorded since the Sanskrit text Charak Samhita. It has been mentioned by Hippocrates of Greece and also in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our traditional foods are well known and recommended by healers in the West today. Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Neem, Shatavri and so many other herbs have been researched and named as superfoods in the West. Sadly, it is only after recognition in the West that we also started realizing the importance of our own locally grown foods.

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