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Журнал аналитической токсикологии и приложений

Журнал аналитической токсикологии и приложений publishes experimental, chemical, clinical, basic science and medical research on a variety of toxic substances and health topics, including toxins, mode of action of toxins, applications in our daily needs. Techniques used in toxicology labs, latest toxicology developments, chemical analysis of prescription drugs, drugs of abuse, Poisons, forensic medicine, environmental toxicity, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and environmental toxins.

Журнал аналитической токсикологии и приложений is an open access, peer review journal publishes original articles, research, reviews, short communications, commentary and medical society statements, targeted to toxicologists, forensic researchers, chemist, general physicians, family doctors and medical associations internationally. The Journal is available both electronically and in print. Each lead author of a published article receives a paper copy of the Journal in which his/her article was published (additional copies available for nominal fee).

Author may submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system at www.scholarscentral.org/submission/analytical-toxicology-applications.html or manuscript as an e-mail attachment to analyticaltoxicology@chemjournals.org

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