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Neuromuscular disorders in children and adolescents

Wilson Baker

By the end of the year, we had ten peer-reviewed articles spanning a wide variety of themes in the field of neuromuscular illnesses in children and adolescents, thanks to our request for submissions in early 2021. The phrase "neuromuscular disorders" refers to both acquired and congenital illnesses of the nervous system.

Hereditary peripheral nervous system disorders that impact tissues such as the spine Axons of motor neurons and sensory root ganglia, cranial and peripheral nerves and muscle fibres, as well as myelin sheaths, neuromuscular synapses, and myelin sheaths. The articles in this issue of the Special the aetiology, diagnosis, and therapy of the disorders that ensue are all addressed in this issue. Germany’s Rudolf Korinthenberg and colleagues provide their practice guideline. Emphasizes the distinction between acquired

and inherited neuropathies in children and adolescents, and

Adolescents. This recommendation is based on a systematic consensus process of specialists in the area delegated by the German-speaking nations' participating medical–scientific organizations. The guideline includes extensive suggestions for the diagnosis of such neuropathies, including the rapidly expanding field of Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathies.

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