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A dream for the fate of genomics research

Sarah Taylor

The completing of an extraordinary, broad gathering of the human genome, in this 50th remembrance year of the disclosure of the twofold helical plan of DNA, is an achievement event. The genomic time is by and by a reality. In contemplating a fantasy for the destiny of genomics research; fitting to consider the magnificent way has brought us here. The roll overlay shows a course of occasions of achievement accomplishments in genetic characteristics and genomics, beginning with Gregor Mendel's exposure of the laws of heredity and their rediscovery in the start of the twentieth century. Affirmation of DNA as the acquired material, confirmation of its design, explanation of the genetic code4, headway of recombinant DNA advances, and underpinning of continuously automatable strategies for DNA sequencing set up for the Human Genome Project (HGP) to begin in 1990. In view of the vision of the first coordinators, and the imaginativeness and confirmation of a multitude of skilled scientists who decided to make this endeavor their overall fixation, every one of the basic objectives of the HGP have now been achieved something like two years before suspicion, and a resentful in regular assessment has begun

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