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Timing of speech envelope entrainment to the brain while speaking, hearing, and self-listening

Jack Ma

The dynamics of speech envelope tracking during speech production, listening, and self-listening are examined in this study. Participants engage in a paradigm where they listen to normal speech (Listening), create natural speech (Speech Production), then listen to the recording of their own speech (Self-Listening), all while their brain activity is being monitored by an EEG. We employed a Gaussian copula mutual information measure to evaluate the link between information content in the EEG and auditory signals after time-locking the collection of EEG data and the recording and playback of auditory signals. We determined several latencies for maximal speech envelope tracking during speech production and speech perception in the 2 Hz-10 Hz frequency range. Maximum speech tracking occurs roughly between the vocalization phase of speech production and the auditory presentation phase of perception communication.

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