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Suboxone saved my life, and it should be saving more

Ryan Ward

Addicts are slaves to their addictions? No such issue as associate addictive temperament in my new theory of addictions and addictive behaviors. Addictions ar the state, the baseline. we tend to set out by obtaining confirmed (to mother, her milk) and still develop addictions throughout life (habits, love, automatic thoughts, obsessions, compulsions). Addictions ar powerful organizing and instructive principles that endow life with that means, purpose, and direction. Addictions give boundaries, rituals, timetables, and order. Addictions ar ways that to manage emotions and modulate social relationships and communication. Addictions ar the frame and system of life itself: our brain in programmed to perpetually get confirmed. A high is that the desired permanent outcome. addictive states should serve some biological process purpose and ar thus useful diversifications, not maladaptation’s.

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