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Polyotia, a rare occurrence-clinical presentation and surgical management: A case report from Abuja, Nigeria

Adebayo Seidu Bello, Azuka Raphael Njokanma, Taofeek Akin Akinniyi

INTRODUCTION: Polyotia is a rare congenital condition that presents as a large accessory auricle, often mirroring the appearance of the normal auricle of the ear. The primary implication of this condition is in the esthetic challenges it poses to affected individuals. This article highlights our experience with the surgical management of a case encountered by our surgical foundation.

CASE REPORT: A nineteen (19) year old male student presented to our clinic at a surgical outreach program held at Kwali general hospital in July 2018 with a complaint of an abnormal looking left ear noticed since birth. The patient had concerns about his aesthetics and could not perceive sounds with the ear. A diagnosis of non-syndromic polyotia was made after detailed history and examination and successful surgical reconstruction to correct the deformity was done under local anesthesia.

CONCLUSION: We recommend early surgical reconstruction of polyotia to improve esthetics of affected patients.

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