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Pituitary macroadenoma

Maria Indira Fuentes Arlotto, Patricia Aguero

SM, 65 years old, from Sayago (Montevideo), merchant. He lives with his mother and brother. Schooling: complete basic cycle of Lyceum and UTU. He wanders with an American cane.

Reason for consultation: First consultation for control of pituitary macroadenoma. Consultation with mobile emergency due to a rise insystolic blood pressure of 240 mmHg. She reported neck pain and dizziness as accompanying symptoms, which made walking difficult from the start of the condition. He denies colliding with door frames. No eye trauma. He denies holocranial headache, nausea, vomiting, phosphenes and tinnitus. No chest discomfort, denies dyspnea, palpitations. No syncope, no neurovegetative syndrome. Blood pressure figures are gradually regulated to 140/100 mmHg, and physical examination findings include bilateral 6th nerve palsy, left palpebral ptosis, alteration of ipsilateral extrinsic ocular motility, visual acuity and horizontal diplopia of less than 24 hours of appearance.

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