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Hypogonadism hypergonadotrophic

Maria Indira Fuentes Arlotto, Sofia Saccone

SM, 42 years old, from Montevideo, lives in the REMAR community due to homelessness and substance use. 6 years ago in abstinence. Schooling: Complete UTU gastronomy orientation. He currently works in a bakery. Reason for consultation: Follow-up of a patient with hypogonadism receiving intramuscular Testoviron. Consultation due to the persistence of a small penis since childhood, he does not know how to specify his age. Concomitantly, it is highlighted that facial hair appears at the age of 21, maintains a low frequency of shaving and at the level of the chest, pubis and armpit it is decreased. Apocrine odor present, fine voice, preserved muscle mass.

Consultation in ASSE primary health care polyclinic in general medicine due to this symptomatology and referral to endocrinology of the aforementioned health center. Hypogonadism is diagnosed and treatment with Testoviron I.M. is started, to continue clinical, paraclinical and therapeutic controls, with the endocrinology and metabolism clinic of the hospital de clinicas.

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