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Hepatosplenic and left hepatogastric trunks as variant arteries of foregut - A case report

Santosh K. SANGARI, Estomih P. MTUI

The present case reports 80-year-old male cadaver with hepatosplenic and left hepatogastric trunks supplying foregut. The hepatosplenic trunk was a branch of abdominal aorta; which divided into common hepatic and splenic arteries. The common hepatic artery gave origin to the left inferior phrenic artery before dividing into gastroduodenal artery and right hepatic artery. The left inferior phrenic artery also supplied the left suprarenal gland by superior suprarenal arteries. The left hepatogastric trunk was a direct branch of abdominal aorta immediately below the hepatosplenic trunk and divided into replaced left hepatic artery and left gastric artery. The esophageal arteries; which supplied the lower end of esophagus were branches of replaced left hepatic artery.

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