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Evidence-based public health policy: An overview

Chloe Taylor

Health status is significantly impacted by public health policy. A concise definition of evidence-based policy and approaches to advance the topic are lacking from the literature. Evidence that is pertinent to policy comprises both quantitative (like epidemiological data) and qualitative data (e.g., narrative accounts). More effective data preparation and communication, better use of currently available analytical tools, policy surveillance, and outcome tracking using various types of evidence are all steps that may be taken to advance evidencebased policy. It has been known for a long time that public health policy, including laws, rules, and guidelines, has a significant impact on health status. For instance, each of the ten greatest public health accomplishments of the 20th century was affected by a policy reform, such as the implementation of seat belt laws or rules limiting acceptable occupational exposures. The creation of health policies is a complicated process that is influenced by several scientific, economic, social, and political factors, much like any other decision-making process in the practice of public health.

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