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E-cigarette Control in Taiwan—Taiwan Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act Perspective.

Cheng Li-Min

With the development of science and technology, tobacco products gradually diversified, the electronic cigarette (e- cigarette) is one of the most compelling and fast-growing products. Since the invention of electronic cigarette, its modern shape and rich taste has become popular worldwide, even in campus; on the contrary, as traditional cigarettes, the product also has adverse effects on public health. However, since the e- cigarette introduced to Taiwan, the relevant supporting policies are not enough, lack of clear management and policy norms. This study uses Innovation Diffusion Theory and Consumer Protection Perspective to analyze the e-cigarette related problems, to avoid the consumers from the infringement of these products, and to help the government improve its management strategies on tobacco industry. The study also suggests that government should modify the regulations and implement more strict policies, provides appropriate school education to students, which is beneficial to ensure the health and interests of nationals. Furthermore, this study contributes the legal opinion on the prevention and control of tobacco addiction.

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