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Double femoral veins and other variations in the lower limbs of a single cadaver

Chiranjit SAMANTA, Manotosh BANERJEE, Satyajit SANGRAM, Sudeshna MAJUMDAR

In a single male cadaver multiple variations were found in the lower limbs during routine dissection for undergraduate students in the Department of Anatomy, NRS Medical College, Kolkata, India, in November, 2014.

In the left lower limb of the cadaver, there were two femoral veins, flanking the femoral artery. The long saphenous vein passed deep to the adductor longus to drain into the medial femoral vein. Moreover, the medial and the lateral circumflex femoral arteries arose directly from the femoral artery.

In the right lower limb, the sacrotuberous ligament was big enough and was attached with the gluteus maximus, piriformis and hamstring group of muscles. There was also high division of the sciatic nerve into tibial and common peroneal components emerging separately in the gluteal region.

This case report will augment our knowledge in gross and surgical anatomy, physical medicine and nerve block (regional anaesthesia) in relation to inferior extremity.

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