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Diabetes and dementia: what you need to know

Suzanne Smith

Over the past few decades, the idea that Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and insulin resistance increase the likelihood of developing dementia and contribute to its aetiology has gained traction. Our knowledge of the direct and indirect effects of T2D on the risk for, beginning of, development of, and underlying pathogenic mechanisms underlying dementia, however, is still lacking. This association also implies thatmeasures for treating or preventing T2D may be advantageous for dementia. Many have undergone in vivo animal evaluations, and some are already in clinical trials. However, more research is needed to decide which single or combination therapy should be used, and when. Additionally, more recent data offers fresh perspectives and intriguing study directions in examining the role of the pathogenic Amyloid-A and tau proteins in T2D.

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