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Biochemical analysis of three native Dunaliella isolates with a focus on fatty acid content in the hope of finding a biotechnological application

Abigail Smith

The biochemical makeup of three isolates, Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW-B1, -G2/1, and -I1, is described in this work in order to assess their biotechnological potential. The protein content of Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW- G2/1 and -I1 was outstanding (40 percent dry weight). Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW-I1 has a pigment fraction of 3.2 percent, which was mostly made up of chlorophyll a (1.9 percent) and carotenoids (0.8 percent) (1.1 percent). The lipid content of Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW-B1, -G2/1, and -I1 was 42, 36, and 47 percent, respectively. The isolates' inclination to store energy and carbon mostly in lipid form was evidenced by their high lipid and low carbohydrate (4%-7%) content. The isolates' lipid profiles showed an appropriate n3: n6 ratio and health indicators. Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW-B1 and -G2/1 have prospective uses in the food and freshwater aqua feed industries, according to biochemical study. While Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW-I1 showed tremendous potential in the nutritional, pharmaceutical, and marine aqua feed industries due to acceptable pigment, protein, and lipid levels comprising very-long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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